Dimko Minov
Feature films

1983 – Equilibrium by Lydmil Kirkov
1978 – With love and tenderness by Rangel Valchanov
1992 – Vampires and goblins by Ivan Andonov
1984 – I Don’t Know, I Didn’t Hear, I Didn’t See by Lydmil Kirkov
1987 – Friday night by Lydmil Kirkov
1995 – Le retour d’Arsène Lupin – Herlock Sholmes s’en mêle Season 2 Episode 6 by Alain Nahum
1983 – Аbout the lady and her mail company by Ivan Dobchev
1989 – The threat by Milen Nikolov
1977 – False stories by Maya Vaptsarova
1979 – The wrong comma by Lilyana Pencheva


1999 Dunav bridge by Ivan Andonov
2001 – Тhe most important things by Ivan Andonov
1996 – Vulkadin thalks with God by Ivan Andonov

Short films

The trawler
About the people and the fishes
Perpetuum mobile
The saved city
The Island


1984 – Award at the Moscow Film festival for the movie Equilibrium by Lydmil Kirkov
Award from the festival of documentary films in Plovdiv for About the people and the fishes


bulgarian, russian, french