Ivo Peitchev
Feature films

2015 – Lake Placid vs Anacon by Stephen Furst
2014 – Firequake by Geoff Browne (USA, Canada)
2014 – Viking Quest by T. Chapkanov (USA Canada)
2012 – One more Dream, by Nikolay Mutafchiev (Bulgaria)
2012 – Incognita by Michail Pandourski (Bulgaia)
2009 Star Runners by Mat King (USA)
2008 Thor: Hammer of the Gods by Todor Chapkanov (USA)
2007 Bats: Human Harvest by Jamie Dixon (USA)
2006 Harpies by Josh Becker (USA)
1999 Wizards with N. Lazarov,Directed by I. Georgiev, S. Gelev (Bulgaria)
1990 Cruel and Innocent by I. Yosifova (Bulgaria)
1986 A Man in Space by N. Akimov (Bulgaria)


2006 The Spirit and the Stones by M. Petrova (Bulgaria)
2003 My Father with I. Kuzov, Directed by Andrey Slabakov (Bulgaria)
1999 Balkan Lessons in History by M. Petrova (Bulgaria)
1999 Passon for Lea by N. Yotov (Bulgaria)
1998 Orpheus and the Beast by Z. Dragnev (Bulgaria)
1996 I am Gipsy I Plead Guilty by A. Dontchev (Bulgaria)
1993 The Heart Divided in Two by I. Yosifova (Bulgaria)
1991 The Heart Dies Last by M. Petrova (Bulgaria)
1988 Several Days with Academician Likhachev by I. Georgiev (Bulgaria)
1984 A Leaf of Gold and Green, with V. Krastev Directed by N. Akimov
and more
1994 – 2014 series of movies as camera operator and second unit DoP in USA, Italy, Australia, England, Cyprus

TV movies

2013 – The Tree of Life Bulgaria by T. Chapkanov, G. Georgiev, E. Miloshe TV Series

Academic experience

1997 – 1999 Art & Applied Photography Slavonic University, Sofia, Bulgaria
1998 – 1999 Special effects in Photography, National Theatre & Film Academy,
Sofia, Bulgaria
1999 – 2001 Art of Motion Picture Photography Veliko Tarnovo University, St.St. Cyril and Methodios


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